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Resilience or foolishness?

Rhea didn’t feel like getting out of bed. She looked at the time and realized that she was late, again. She grabbed her phone to silence the alarm, glanced at her Whatsapp messages, and didn’t bother to read the usual … Continue reading

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It’s complicated!

Continued from here… Time and space created a doubt in Rhea’s head and she wondered if she should put herself out there and ask Neal. After spending almost an entire day agonizing over their last conversation, she decided that she … Continue reading

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Writing about Rhea and Neal

So I dream to write a book some day. Or more! But let’s talk about one to begin with. I have thought about starting several times and I did write a couple of pages a few times. However, I lose … Continue reading

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Do you love me?

“I’ve been avoiding your calls, please don’t hate me.” So I was right, he was avoiding me. I think it’s been a month since we last talked, and I’ve been calling him everyday for a week. I’m such an idiot! … Continue reading

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“Cheers to you, Rhea! It’s amazing how you’ve emotionally evolved. It’s so cool that we can actually sit down and talk about this over drinks. You know, don’t go back now.” “Thanks Neal. But don’t go back where?” “Well don’t … Continue reading

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Surprising Conversations

“So, how are your parents doing?” “Well, they are fine, getting old. It’s just getting a little weird. I notice that my mom’s life is beginning to revolve around me more and more, as they are growing older.” Neal made … Continue reading

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One sided love?

As Rhea watched Rachel pine for Ross when Ross and Emily were about to get married, her heart went out to Rachel. She knew the pain of one sided unrequited love. She shed silent tears when Rachel showed up in … Continue reading

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