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Finding meaning in Life!

On a flight from Vancouver to Toronto today, I finally watched the inspiring movie ‘Julie & Julia’. The movie is based on two books that tell the true stories of Julia Child and Julie Powell. Julia Child moves to Paris … Continue reading

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Self Love

“Everyone wants to be someone special to somebody!” A friend and I were talking about relationships and ‘friends with benefits’ and how if the relationship is long enough, you want that person to fall in love with you or miss … Continue reading

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Love – Found and Lost!

“Is it the painter in you that loves sunsets?” She was intrigued by the thoughtfulness in the first message he sent her. She smiled and responded and they ended up texting for a few hours. The conversations were interesting and … Continue reading

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About life, movies, and music!

We had warm weather today, the maximum temperature during the day was 22C (70F), yes in February. I had a test early morning and was planning on working in a coffee shop after that. However, when I saw how sunny … Continue reading

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I love sunsets.. there’s just something about twilight, the colors in the sky, and the silence that calms my soul. In an attempt to be present in the moment and to appreciate the small joys in life, I have been … Continue reading

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One sided love?

As Rhea watched Rachel pine for Ross when Ross and Emily were about to get married, her heart went out to Rachel. She knew the pain of one sided unrequited love. She shed silent tears when Rachel showed up in … Continue reading

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Songs from the past

Sometime, it’s the little things that make you smile! When we were teenagers, my sister S2 had an audio cassette that was a collection of indipop love songs. I think the album was called Mohabbat and I remember that the … Continue reading

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