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I’ve been thinking about the layers of emotions and feelings, what we think we feel vs what we actually feel.. I usually don’t run away from my  thoughts and feelings.. In fact, I have quite the opposite problem – I … Continue reading

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Post breakup woes

“None of those things should have mattered, but I guess they did. I guess they were like water. Soft and harmless until enough time went by. Then all of a sudden you found yourself with the Grand Canyon on your … Continue reading

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C’est la vie…

This post is a rant.. And kinda depressing.. so read it at your own risk.. It’s one of those days.. I just feel crappy.. Is it because I’ve been over-worked and exhausted and overwhelmed and stressed.. I don’t know.. Since … Continue reading

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Dealing with life…

The phone call on Tuesday midnight and the conversation that ensued made her really angry.. And she started crying.. Her body had a weird way of dealing with extreme conflict/anger – her body just felt totally powerless and she would … Continue reading

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It’s that kind of a day again.. I’m feeling quite low and lonely.. and I’m tired of feeling lonely.. I have been in this stupid city for almost 4 years now and why I still don’t have any friends is … Continue reading

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Is happiness overrated?

It was a weird crazy day.. In fact, the last few days have been like that.. It’s hard to deal with so many emotions – anger, frustration, hopelessness.. What if I can’t be happy! Why do I need to be … Continue reading

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The worst career ever!

Scientific research is the most unrewarding, unfair and frustrating career ever. Research experiments don’t work 90% of the times – and that is if you are lucky. If you’re unlucky like me, they won’t work 99% of the times.. and … Continue reading

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