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I worry, sometimes, that I’m forgetting you. Your unwavering gaze, the smile that lit up your eyes, our playful banter. How you touched me, how we lay next to each other, and talked our hearts out. Yet, wherever I am, … Continue reading

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Post breakup woes

“None of those things should have mattered, but I guess they did. I guess they were like water. Soft and harmless until enough time went by. Then all of a sudden you found yourself with the Grand Canyon on your … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Reflections

Before I start, Happy New Year everyone! May this year bring love, peace, safety, and happiness to you! The post below is not positive, but this is how I feel… The silence needs to end. I’ve wanted to write here … Continue reading

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Processing my thoughts and feelings…

So I have been missing you.. Quite a lot.. I miss talking to you, sharing the itty bitty stuff that has been happening… Nothing special, just the small everyday stuff.. I missed you when I started watching Gilmore girls.. I … Continue reading

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Days of Gratitude – Sep 4

I am thankful for: Making in time to catch the shuttle to lab for my lab meeting. The meeting begins at 8.30 am and I’m always struggling to reach in time! A productive day in lab where I finished everything … Continue reading

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