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Life Skills

Do you feel guilty about putting yourself first? Do you think you’re being selfish? Is it unsettling when you take a decision and you know that other people may not agree with it? It’s something that I’m finally learning to … Continue reading

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Taking Risks

I read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist when I was just finishing high school. I used to read this book every now and then because I found it very inspiring at the time. One of the ideas from the book that … Continue reading

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Go with the flow! (Or not!)

So I’m back by the river! And I think I’m going to free write here for a few days! I wish it was quite here though.. I come to sit by the river to get some quite alone time and … Continue reading

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Control in Relationships

Is it OK to want to control other people’s actions because you love them or care for them in any situation? If not, how do you accept that you have to let the other person make their decision? Even when … Continue reading

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