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On the path to less judgment and more acceptance…

I’ve wanted to write here for a while.. Sometimes I even had the post composed out in my head but something was stopping me and I didn’t know what it was. After much introspection, I think I have some idea.. … Continue reading

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Processing my thoughts and feelings…

So I have been missing you.. Quite a lot.. I miss talking to you, sharing the itty bitty stuff that has been happening… Nothing special, just the small everyday stuff.. I missed you when I started watching Gilmore girls.. I … Continue reading

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Avoiding conflict vs. freedom to choose?

So I have been reading IHM’s blog for almost 4 years now and have understood and learnt a great deal from it. Apart from her insightful write-ups on gender bias in contemporary India, it’s heartening to see that there are … Continue reading

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I wanna go home

It’s that time of the year When I wanna go home… Home, to me, means love and care shared with mom, and special moments with sisters… Home means cherishing old memories with friends, and revisiting favorite places with loved ones… … Continue reading

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