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“The sweet French accent that turns your heart into butter before melting it”, you wrote. It’s the second time you called me ‘dear’, albeit on text this time! I’ve lost count of the months we’ve been apart, yet here we … Continue reading

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It feels like the water is up to your nose and you’re trying really hard to just keep breathing and treading water to reach the shore… However you don’t know where the shore is, or how far… All you know … Continue reading

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Life’s all about moments big and small and someone to share them with or not… I hiked through the rain forest to this beach with gorgeous views and crashing waves that calm my soul… There’s a few other people A … Continue reading

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Heartache Heaviness in the chest Loud screams, that are inaudible The intense craving To tear something apart To rip out the source of pain Or my heart Loneliness and exhaustion Followed by despair and tears… The heart craves For a … Continue reading

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I wish

I wish that I could travel, and capture the moments in my heart… I wish that I could be an artist, or be an artist’s muse… Do you know, you make me want these things, or that I’m a big … Continue reading

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I look at the cards you wrote to me Filled with love and promises Each one bringing back special memories… We have no pictures Of our times together Yet the moments are etched in our hearts… Best friends forever Always … Continue reading

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We talk like there is nothing yet there is a current somewhere who knows whats gonna become of this who knows where it will go… I try to tie you down like a bird whose beauty I love but a … Continue reading

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