It feels like
the water is up to your nose
and you’re trying really hard
to just keep breathing
and treading water
to reach the shore…
you don’t know
where the shore is,
or how far…
All you know is
you need to
keep treading water
and hope that the level recedes..

You meet friends
old and new
that warm your heart…
But when they are close,
you feel the water level
rise a little more…
You miss loved ones
when they are not around
but don’t know how
to breathe in their presence..

You can’t understand
why you’re struggling
when this water is your favorite color…
Why the plankton and rocks
and the beautiful fishes
that add meaning to your journey
also suffocate you…

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One Response to Drowning

  1. Bikramjit says:

    All one has to do is believe and then give a push and soon one will be out of the water…

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