Happy New Year!!

After three years, I am excited to be participating in the January blogathon challenge hosted by Maya. First of all, wish you all a happy new year.. May the coming year be filled with love, happiness, and peace.

I’ve had a rather interesting weekend. Can you guess where I am right now!! Well even I won’t have been able to guess this a week ago..  I am in a ski resort a few hours north of Toronto, I took some beginner ski lessons today and tried to ski for about three hours.. Now I’m not a winter person at all and have never tried any winter sports.. So how exactly did I end up here eh? By the way, eh is the Canadian version of huh, I think.

Anyway, going back to the story, it was my birthday on Friday, a milestone birthday, the one where I turned 30. I need to write a post about it but that will happen later.. So I had been planning this birthday for 2 years, not making concrete plans, but just that I wanted to do something special.. After many conversations about a sisters trip to europe or asia, it so turned out that I couldn’t leave canada or rather that I didn’t have time to get visas for a new country.. So we looked for options where I wouldn’t need a visa.. In the end, because of crazy work schedules and dealing with other adult life stuff,  we decided to travel to Cuba for a week- me, S1, and BIL1.. While it wasn’t the ideal way I wanted to celebrate my 30th, I accepted it and was quite excited about the trip..

On Christmas eve, I went to the airport since I was flying out on Christmas morning.. At the airport, I found out that there was a recent change in visa rules and I couldn’t travel to Cuba without a tourist visa.. Yes, I was at the airport, all packed and ready to check-in when I found this out. I was so exhausted that I didn’t feel anything. I was numb. Once I was sure that nothing could be done, all I wanted was to go home and sleep. It hit me the next day that I was going to be alone in Toronto. It took the christmas long weekend, many tears, a good book, crappy food, and some good conversations with friends for me to get out of this funk.. The one thing that I didn’t want for my 30th birthday was to be alone and that’s what ended up happening.. I have become cynical about life.. When this happened, I wasn’t even angry, just sad.. I’ve gotten so used to things not working out that I’m usually not angry about them.. Anyway, I also spent these three days looking for options to travel somewhere because I didn’t want to waste my vacation days.. After a lot of searching and thinking, I found out about a meetup trip to a ski resort. This was uncharted territory for me, I’ve never traveled with a meetup group and don’t really care for winter sports.. So I decided to signup for this trip with no expectations, loading enough books on my kindle to keep me occupied if I didn’t enjoy the company or activities.. The only thing I knew was that I didnt want to be totally alone for my birthday and the new year’s weekend. And it turns out that I’ve had a good weekend!!

We arrived here on Friday night and will be leaving on Monday morning. There have been about 30 people at the chalet, and we’ve spent the last two nights talking and drinking and dancing.. I met many new people and hopefully made a couple of friends.. On new year’s eve, I even taught people how to dance to bollywood music!!

For me, this week has been about working very hard to accept things that made me deeply unhappy, to be flexible and adapt to life’s unpredictable situations, and to do what I want to do in spite of my fears.. So, on that note, I’ll see you tomorrow! How was your new year weekend?

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2 Responses to Happy New Year!!

  1. Schweta says:

    This post made me so happy! I am glad your birthday turned out to be a a good one despite all the curveballs life threw at you! (sidenote: Look at me using baseball language when I know absolutely nothing about the game!)

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