Life’s all about moments
big and small
and someone to share them with
or not…

I hiked
through the rain forest
to this beach
with gorgeous views
and crashing waves
that calm my soul…

There’s a few other people
A mid aged couple
eating lunch on the rocks
A younger couple
sitting on a log
An older couple
walking and holding hands
A little further
I see a woman
writing in her journal…

I think to myself
what I want to do
I’ve taken pictures
to my heart’s content
I’m carrying a book
but no journal or pen
So I type on my phone
whatever comes to mind…

Solo travel is exhilarating
but also exhausting
To step out of your comfort zone
Be the master of your time
Reach out to people
Make some new friends
Be responsible for yourself
for the good and the bad times…

I look at the ocean again
and think about the rock I’m perched on
exposed at low tide
what would happen
if a big wave came crashing by

I think about love
and life
what would it be like
to lose a loved one to death
harder than heartbreak, I guess…
I am intrigued
how one dimensional life can feel
when you’re grieving a loss
how nothing seems to matter
on days like that…

I sit here transfixed
by the warmth of the sun
and the sound of the waves
and say a silent thanks
for being present
in this moment
that I long to share with you…

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2 Responses to Moments

  1. Bikramjit says:

    Oh yes .. that is true.. Lucky are the ones who have someone to share with …

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