About life, movies, and music!

We had warm weather today, the maximum temperature during the day was 22C (70F), yes in February. I had a test early morning and was planning on working in a coffee shop after that. However, when I saw how sunny and beautiful it was, I spent several hours sitting in a garden having lunch and talking to my sisters. I then came home and napped, it’s such a luxury to sleep during the daytime! I then woke up and stepped outside to finish a couple of errands and the weather was still warm. The best part of the evening was feeling the wind in my hair, something about it made me very happy! I came home and wanted to watch a movie, and funnily, when I was trying to decide what to watch, the only thing I could come up with was that I wanted to watch a movie that would make me feel the same way as feeling the wind in my hair! I know I’m crazy!

Have you seen the movie The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel? The movie is about old people, mostly British, living in a hotel in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The first movie came out a few years ago and was a good watch, though I don’t remember too many details now. I just saw the second one and really liked this one too – here are a couple of quotes from the movie that spoke to me…

“The difference between what we want and what we fear is the width of an eyelash.”

“How many new lives can we have?
Then I thought, as many as we like. While we can.”

I think I have been paying attention to life lessons these days – or things that encourage you to take chances and face your fears! Today, I realized that I expect life to be happy or exciting or satisfying most of the times. For example, when I talk to a friend or my sisters, I want to be able to feel connected and rejuvenated every time we talk. Of course, it doesn’t happen every single time and that’s alright. Also, when I’m having a few bad days, I usually tend to go into an existential crisis question and I start wondering if I’m wasting my life. Sometimes, you need to remember that there will be good days too, and you need to accept the good and the bad. Though, would that make you complacent – not strive towards change or improvement? Can negativity or dissatisfaction sometimes be the driving force!

On a different note, I came across this new Ariel advertisement (can’t find it on youtube). It’s refreshing to watch this advertisement bring to attention the important point that boys/men need to be raised to equally share household responsibilities.. However, I couldn’t help but notice the woman doing everything and not expecting her husband to ‪#‎sharetheload‬. I wonder why women don’t notice these behaviors or try to change the system?

Alright, I think I have rambled enough. I have been listening to songs from Rockstar this week and want to watch the movie again. I think different experiences/ movies/ books teach us different things at different times in life, depending on the mindset that we are in and what we are seeking. Leaving you with the song on my mind, see you tomorrow!

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