Sisterhood of the World QnA

So I missed a post yesterday, and I’ll write two posts today to make up for it.. And what’s the best way to write two posts in a day – you take up a tag from forever ago. So Princess-Butter nominated me many months ago for this fun questionnaire and the lazy bum that I am, I never answered it.. If you haven’t come across PB’s blog, please check it out – she’s adorable and funny and writes about vacations, relationships, gender issues, and life in general! So here’s the questionnaire…

1. What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

Well I mostly don’t like winter because I have to wear so many layers and thick jackets and I still end up feeling cold.. One of the things I do like about winter is being able to wear short skirts with fishnet stockings and boots.. I just find something about that very sexy! So my sis S1 got this one skirt for me many years ago and I think that’s my current favorite clothing.. The skirt has a tiny check pattern in gray and black and looks like tweed, I love how it fits and how chic it looks!

2. Which is your favorite ice-cream flavor?

Have you seen the movie Salaam Namaste? Do you remember the scene when Preity is pregnant and she craves for Ben and Jerry’s Belgian dark chocolate ice-cream, right before the song what’s going on! Sometimes, I feel that that’s how I picky I am and joke that God knows what will happen if I’m ever pregnant!

Anyway, coming to ice-cream flavors, I love dark chocolate, but I don’t like chocolate ice-cream so much.. I think I like three ice cream flavors here – Eddy’s strawberry (very creamy with pieces of strawberry in it), orange cream (vanilla with swirls of orange sorbet), and slow churned double fudge brownie. My parents really liked the first two flavors as well! What I feel like having on a particular day depends on my mood! Oh yes, I also like Trader Joe’s lemon and triple ginger snap ice-cream, it’s a seasonal flavor and is very different from most other ice-creams I’ve had. I have tried other ice-cream brands here and like Eddy’s the best, but I sometimes still miss ice-creams from India, especially Mother Dairy! Whenever I go to India, I definitely go to Nirula’s and have their hot chocolate fudge and fruit salad ice-cream sundaes! πŸ™‚ What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?

3. If you could make a signature scent, what would it smell like?

This is an interesting question.Β  I love perfumes and a guy who smells nice is a big turn on for me, but I’ve never though about a signature scent. I know that I don’t like overly sweet or fruity women’s perfumes or very spicy men’s perfumes but I find myself unable to decide on a signature scent. Instead, I’ll leave you with a funny fact – I actually like to smell the perfume paper foldouts that come in shopping catalogs from Macy’s or Ulta! πŸ˜‰ And yeah, if you ever want to go out with me, please wear nice perfume! πŸ˜‰

4. Describe the last dream you remember. Bonus point if it was naughty. πŸ˜‰

Oh well my last dream wasn’t naughty but very stupid and weird! So apparently I was talking to my mum about getting married to a guy I like. And the wedding was supposed to be the next day and I wasn’t sure if we were getting married. But two trays of food were delivered for the wedding the next day, you know the foil trays that you would get from an Indian restaurant here if you were catering a small event. And I’m telling my mom, let’s keep the food trays, in case I decide to get married tomorrow! Yeah, go figure!

Maybe I should have made something up! :/ I was recently reading something about Freud and read that your dreams tell you about your unconscious/ sub-conscious thoughts and desires – do you think so?

5. What was your last Google search about?

Thankfully it wasn’t anything crazy, I read a lot of random stuff! My last Google search was last night to find a good restaurant in Pittsburgh downtown. So I met a friend and we were going to this awesome Mexican place but I was running late and we missed the bus. And then we didn’t want to wait in the cold because it was very windy and -20C. I’m very proud of myself for not canceling and actually stepping out in the horrendous weather. So, we decided to go to downtown instead because we got the bus immediately. We wanted to try something new, and hence the google search.. We went to this Tapas place which looked really nice but the food was over-priced, they only had one veg thing on their menu that tasted average, the Margarita was not great, and I left feeling hungry. The upside was that the ambiance was really nice and we got to try a new place! After dinner, we went to a martini bar that we both really like and had a delicious chocolate torte cake! I find martinis too strong, but they have an orange dreamsicle martini that was delicious! I just realized that I’ve written so much about a google search huh!

Well I hope your weekend’s been good too, here’s a picture of the delicious martinis and cake!


I’m lazy and have a ton of work to do and it’s already Sunday afternoon, so I’m not making up any questions. Please feel free to take up the tag if you’d like and answer these questions and tag PB since she came up with these awesome questions!


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  1. Great answers! Thanks for taking up the tag! πŸ˜€

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