Writing about Rhea and Neal

So I dream to write a book some day. Or more! But let’s talk about one to begin with. I have thought about starting several times and I did write a couple of pages a few times. However, I lose steam and the story just stays as a saved draft somewhere on my computer. So, I decided to try a new approach this time and just started writing snippets from the bigger story I envision – that’s the idea behind the RheaandNeal stories. I have written five pieces so far, but they don’t follow any particular order at this point.I hope to write a few more posts in this series.

I am learning to confront my fears by breaking big challenging goals into small actionable items and starting from there. In this case, rather than thinking about how I can’t write a book or no one will like it or I’ll be a terrible writer, I decided to write these small posts. If I enjoy writing and people enjoy reading these, I can keep writing either on the blog or make it into a novel. If I don’t enjoy writing or they are badly written or I get negative feedback, I would still have tried something that I have wanted to for a long time, and know that it doesn’t work out.

I have ideas about how I want to develop these characters and the story line to write a short novel on this. Have you read the RheaandNeal stories? Do you have any comments/feedback for me? Did you find their story interesting? Are they well written? Did you like/dislike something specific?

Here are the five pieces I have written so far:

Because I do

One sided love?

Surprising Conversations


Do you love me?



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4 Responses to Writing about Rhea and Neal

  1. Bikramjit says:

    My best wishes and yes its good to read all the little stories you are writing and I am cusious tooo what will happen next

  2. They are lovely stories! Currently I am proof reading two friends’s half written novels. I will be happy to do that for you too if and whenever you want.

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