“Cheers to you, Rhea! It’s amazing how you’ve emotionally evolved. It’s so cool that we can actually sit down and talk about this over drinks. You know, don’t go back now.”

“Thanks Neal. But don’t go back where?”

“Well don’t go back and get trapped into marriage, just for the sake of it..”

“Oh I think that ship has already sailed. If I wanted to settle, it would have happened with Sameer. That relationship was good in a lot of ways. According to most people, I made the wrong decision. I do miss having a companion though.. You know, someone I can really connect with..”

“But what if that connection fades with time?”

“Well it depends. The people in the relationship need to make the effort to keep the connection alive.. Try new things that keep it interesting..”

“I don’t know what BDSM are you referring to,” Neal chuckled.

“C’mon Neal, there are many other things, besides sex, that can keep a relationship interesting!”

Neal put his forearms together and indicated that his hands are two people. “So there are these two people, say N and R, who meet and have this awesome connection and they are on this path together where they share common interests, enjoy each others company and have a great time for the most part. Let’s say, a few years later, R finds something new that excites her.” Neal turned his left arm a little at the elbow, so the arms were not parallel anymore. “So one thing leads to another and R finds more interesting things on that path.” Neal moved his left arm perpendicular to the right arm, so that the two arms are pointing to totally different directions now. “Now there is this new path that R is on which is very exciting for her but N doesn’t care for it. So in this case, what should R do – should she hold herself back because N may not be interested in these things or this path? Should she proceed nevertheless? Would their connection start to drag after this?”

Rhea wondered if these diverging paths were a possibility, or a certainty in Neal’s mind. “Well there’s also the possibility that N might find the new things interesting, or a few interesting things on that path. What about that?” Rhea wanted to challenge Neal’s assumptions.

“But that’s only a possibility.. It may not happen..”

“Yeah, I agree. The same way that the scenario you painted is a possibility, not a certainty. In any case, why does a couple have to be doing everything together? As long as they have some shared interests and enjoy a few things together and respect each others personal preferences and space, isn’t that enough?” After a few moments of silence, Rhea added “Neal, everything in life is a possibility, nothing is ever guaranteed. So you have to take your chances.”

Rhea wondered if Neal was too cynical or she was too optimistic about relationships.

***** One Month Later *****

“Neal, remember we were talking and you said something about the connection between a couple fading with time. What do you think a couple should do if that happens a few years down the line? Or should they never give the relationship it a try because it might fade with time?”

“Well it depends on what connection they have or had – whether it’s emotional or mental or physical?” After a few moments of silence, Neal added. “Soulmates don’t have to be lovers, you know.”

You tell me Neal, what connection do we have, if any, Rhea thought to herself.





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3 Responses to Connection?

  1. Bikramjit says:

    Yes so very true soul mates don’t have be lovers ..I loved that line..

    It is sad though to see it all fade away with time..

    • kinmin says:

      Glad you liked it Bikram.. Connections sometimes fade because people have different interests, but sometimes people are too scared to invest in the connections to begin with.. so it’s hard to say whether they fade or never even develop..

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