Songs from the past

Sometime, it’s the little things that make you smile!

When we were teenagers, my sister S2 had an audio cassette that was a collection of indipop love songs. I think the album was called Mohabbat and I remember that the cover was pink in color. The collection was released around Valentine’s Day and she got it as a gift from her then boyfriend. It had many beautiful songs that I have forgotten over the years, but I’ve found myself humming some of them and trying to recollect the name of the songs or the artists.. A couple of the popular songs in that album were Piya Basanti and Surmayi Aankhen by Ustad Sultan Khan and Chitra.

There was a song in the album that I really liked but didn’t know the name or the band.. Today, as I was listening to a random playlist on youtube, I found that song after almost two decades and it warmed my heart! It reminded me of evenings spent hanging out in the balcony with my sister, sharing secrets about our crushes, and listening to romantic songs! It brought back memories of breezy evenings and less complicated lives..

The song is by the band Silk Route and is called Koi Ho.. I hope you like it!

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4 Responses to Songs from the past

  1. Mi says:

    I love this song…<3 Mohit Chauhan and the band…evergreen! thanks for sharing this…this is so nostalgic!

  2. I remember dooba dooba more clearly. I had one of my ‘first kiss’ on that song. Haha!
    But whenever I hear songs from the indi-pop generation, they sweep me with immense nostalgia. Made in India, Deewana tera, piya basanti, pari hoon main, oh sanam, maeri…

    • kinmin says:

      Yes, dooba dooba was their most popular song and I really liked it too! Oh memories of first kisses and dances are always special! 🙂
      Yes, I’m so glad that you can easily find all these on youtube or other websites.. I listen to these songs and others every couple of months or so!

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