I’m back!

Well I have been missing for way too long. I was very busy for the last one and a half month with multiple things, but I didn’t expect to not write at all.. Also, once I stopped writing, it was harder to get started. So while I had time this weekend, and I composed several posts in my mind, I never actually wrote them. I have been at home for the past three hours, procrastinating on reading a few papers, and trying to write my own. So, I figured, since I have a little more time, and I’m clearly not working, I might as well write here. Because I have missed writing in this space. And I have really missed commenting on the blogs I read. I have been reading your posts, and even commented on them mentally, but didn’t actually do it! Oh well!

So let’s see. I last posted in September end when I completed the gratitude challenge, and promised to write a post reflecting on my experience with that! Well, I didn’t write it initially because I wanted to take a break, and realize the difference that that challenge made in my life. And then I did write something – so I have a half written draft, and the other half is in my mind, and I need to finish that post. For most of October, I was very busy in lab with multiple experiments and trying to write my paper. I also scheduled my committee meeting in November, which meant I had a real deadline to finish that work.

I traveled to San Francisco in middle of October for four days to celebrate AB’s birthday. The trip was a lot of fun, and I did some exciting stuff, that I want to write a post on!

I had my committee meeting on Nov 12th, so I have just been busy with work and grad school. I had several meltdowns and anxiety attacks, and am learning to deal with them. I am also learning to find ways to calm my anxieties and sort of plan for the uncertain future.

My eating habits have worsened and I haven’t been exercising. Some of my eating habits used to be triggered by emotions, and I would eat a lot of unhealthy snacks just out of boredom or when I was feeling low. I had worked hard to change that as I wrote here, but it looks like I’m again back to those habits. I was also exercising regularly, and actually enjoying it. But I gradually stopped doing that and I am having a hard time getting started again. Now, I struggle to convince myself to exercise even once a week. I was so proud to have lost 10lb earlier in the year, but I have regained 5lb back and I hate it. If anyone has any suggestions on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle again, please share them.

I think this sums up all that has been going on in my life. I’m hoping to start writing regularly again, and glad that I got this I’m back post out the way!

So how have you been?

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9 Responses to I’m back!

  1. Give away all the processed food. Do not buy chips and chocolates. If it’s not in the pantry, you won’t eat it. Get hummus instead and baby carrots and bell peppers. Just stop soda if you drink it regularly.
    And go to the gym or work out before you go home. I can’t go back once I am home.

    • kinmin says:

      Thanks pb! Yeah I need to stop buying chocolates.. I don’t eat chips or drink soda.. But cookies etc are my weakness, need to stop eating those and start exercising..

  2. Welcome back! Good to see you on here…looks like you have had a busy busy few months! Good luck with the healthy eating…always so hard this time of the year! My eating has been pretty bad too but because I exercise, the weight hasn’t piled on. Can’t imagine what would happen if I didn’t.

    • kinmin says:

      Thanks sanch! Yeah, things have been very busy, but such is life! Yeah healthy eating is so hard around the holiday season.. I should start exercising regularly as well..

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hi kinmin, I can see you are stressed. These stressful moments in the lab can destroy the mind and the body, my only advice to you is drink lots of water and do yoga, 15 min per day in the morning is enough. Yesterday I had a conference presentation and 4 students presenting posters, you can imagine how was my last week getting everything ready. Now in the morning I had lots of water and yoga before starting the day, and I feel much relaxed. Have a great Sunday!

    • kinmin says:

      Thank you Elizabeth, things have been very busy and stressful indeed. I do drink a lot of water, and I’ll try to do yoga regularly as well.. I’m visiting my sister in Canada this week, so hoping to relax and recharge! Your week sounds very stressful, I hope the conference went well.

  4. Mi says:

    Welcome back kinmin! 🙂 good to see your post! 🙂

  5. Tatsat says:

    Well hello Miss Missing-blogger 😉

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