Days of Gratitude – Sep 27 & 28

The weekend was awesome! Of course, I had some frustrating and low moments, but the highs more than made up for the lows!
I am thankful for:

Lazing around in bed for over an hour on Saturday morning! I love sleeping in on the weekends, and even if I wake up early, I like to just lay in bed and relax. I like weekend mornings that are not rushed, and they make me happy!

A productive Saturday where I got a lot done! Within an hour of getting out of bed, I organized my apartment and cleared the clutter from the week! I then went to lab to harvest cells. After finishing up work in lab, I ate lunch on the patio! Even though it was too hot to sit outside, I’m glad I did because it was such a beautiful day!


After coming home, I talked to sis1 and we booked a week long vacation to mexico for Dec end!!! I’ll finally be at the beach for my birthday, and I can’t tell you how excited I am! This is an all inclusive resort, and I’ve never done something like this, so let’s see how I like it! I’m so glad we booked this in time, because I always regret not booking anything and then not being able to take a vacation when I have time off on my birthday!

On Sunday morning, I ran in the Pittsburgh great race 5k to raise funds for AID Pittsburgh, the nonprofit I volunteer with! If you’d like, you can read about and donate to the cause here! I’ll remove this link in a few weeks to maintain confidentiality! I don’t enjoy running too much, but it’s so much fun to run in a race! I love the energy and the excitement around, and all the awesome people who come out to cheer the runners! My goal was to run all the way and finish in less than 40 mins!! I finished in 38mins, 8 secs and ran all the way except for 5 mins! Honestly, I didn’t really believe wasn’t sure that I would be able to do it, and I am so happy that I did!!

After the race, I just sat in the park by the fountain and enjoyed the warm sunshine and the beautiful day! I talked to mum for almost an hour, and we had a heart to heart conversation like we used to!! I even saw a tiny rainbow in the fountain.

On Sunday afternoon, I talked to my sisters on a conference call and that always makes me happy. Sis2 seems to be doing a little better, and that’s a great relief. She still hasn’t told us what’s been bothering her, but we’ll hopefully get there. We talked about some serious stuff, and laughed about some fun memories from the past!

Suddenly, I felt the exhaustion from the race and the weekend with an intense headache, and I took a painkiller and slept for four hours. I’m glad I didn’t have anything planned for Sunday evening, and I could rest!

So that was my weekend, how was your weekend? I can’t believe my month of gratitude is almost over!

I have decided to make September my ‘Days of Gratitude‘ month. I will be posting everyday about something that I am thankful for in that day. I want to do this as a reminder to myself to be thankful for what I have, and also to develop a habit of mindfulness and self-reflection.

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