Days of Gratitude – Sep 24

I’m a happy kid today!! Several things happened today, that have made me smile and be thankful:

Asking a question at the departmental seminar today! Our department recently started a journal club before the weekly seminar. I went to that today, and asked a question, and several people said it was a good question and I should ask the seminar speaker. This happened 2 weeks earlier as well, and I didn’t ask the seminar speaker because I had convinced myself within that hour that it wasn’t an important question. However, today, I did ask the seminar speaker that question and he complimented me as well! The professor who hosted the seminar later told me that it was the best question of the day, and that the speaker was very impressed!! It sounds like a small thing, but it meant a lot to me! I have struggled through grad school and have questioned myself several times over the years if I’m good enough to be here! Those small words of encouragement today meant a lot to me, and made me hopeful and motivated about my career!! I’m not sure how long this effect will last, but I’m so thankful that it happened!

At Trader Joe’s today, I bought sunflowers for myself!! If you’ve been reading my blog, you might know that I love flowers! This summer, I had developed a special fascination for sunflowers when I noticed how big and bright they are!! I want to give them a day to adjust and open up, so I’ll click and share a picture tomorrow!

No fights with AB! I was in an upbeat mood today, and literally feel love oozing out of my heart!! So it was a pleasant evening!

The Indian festival Navratras started today, and I fast on the first and last day. I have a lot of pleasant memories associated with this festival, and talking to AB about it just brought back a few of those and made me happy!

Working on some work stuff at home this evening! It feels good to be able to do that and finish some tasks that I had procrastinated on!

Episodes of Modern Family and Big Bang Theory! I don’t watch a lot of TV shows, and try to keep TV watching to a minimum for two reasons. Firstly, it’s not my natural preference to watch TV when I have free time, and the other reason is that I find TV shows very addictive and I know that it’s easy to get hooked. Today I saw one episode each of Big Bang theory (this one) and Modern Family (this one) and found them both very funny!

A brief chat with one of my closest friends from college, P! In response to a blog post I had shared with her (on Monika’s blog that I posted about here), she sent me a mush-filled message! I am thankful for all the close friends I’ve had. Even though I’ve drifted apart from many of them, I’m thankful for the times those relationships lasted and for the cherished memories we share! I think different people come into our lives at different times, and each relationship is special, irrespective of how long it lasts.

On this note, I’ll see you tomorrow! Have a good day and keep smiling!

I have decided to make September my ‘Days of Gratitude‘ month. I will be posting everyday about something that I am thankful for in that day. I want to do this as a reminder to myself to be thankful for what I have, and also to develop a habit of mindfulness and self-reflection.

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5 Responses to Days of Gratitude – Sep 24

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m glad you were brave and asked the question, when I give a talk I love the students questions, generally they are the most interesting ones. And sunflowers are great, they are like big faces smilling at you. Have a great day!

    • kinmin says:

      Thank you Elizabeth! (Is it OK if I call you Liz?) I’m curious – what field of study are you in? Totally agree about the sunflowers! 🙂 have a great weekend! 🙂

      • Elizabeth says:

        Hi kinmin, Yes you can call me Liz! I’m a cancer researcher, I study stem cells differentiation. My background is in Molecular biology. And you?

        • kinmin says:

          Oh what a coincidence!! Me too, I’m doing a PhD in molecular biology. My research is focused on abl tyrosine kinase – its allosteric regulation, and high throughput screening to identify allosteric modulators of the kinase! What a small world – I didn’t expect to come across another biology researcher in the blogging world! Where are you located?

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