Days of Gratitude – Sep 10

Well today was kinda crazy. I had to do multiple experiments in the lab, and we had a seminar and an unexpected meeting with a collaborator. The day was very busy and a bit overwhelming, and a few things happened, and I’m feeling very restless and irritated right now. I’m going to sleep, since I have to wake up early for lab meeting.

Today, I am be thankful for:

  • Waking up happy this morning.
  • I forgot a reusable tote bag and wall hooks in the cart at target this evening. I was very annoyed with myself over it. But I called the store later, and they found the bag. It’s a very trivial thing, but I’m glad that it’s sorted out.
  • Finding a nice lavendar and vanilla air freshner, that will hopefully help me relax and sleep better!
  • The realization that I need to make time for myself to relax and/or exercise a bit everyday. And watching TV or reading on the internet doesn’t count in this. If I don’t find time to do this, I feel very irritated. Today was one such day.
  • The realization that I really need to make a detailed to-do list. I feel less overwhelmed and anxious when I have a plan of action, and it helps me be more productive. I have a lot to do in the next few months, and I need to learn to set certain goals and deadlines and focus on them.

I think that’s it for today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better and more productive!

I have decided to make September my ‘Days of Gratitude‘ month. I will be posting everyday about something that I am thankful for in that day. I want to do this as a reminder to myself to be thankful for what I have, and also to develop a habit of mindfulness and self-reflection.

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