Days of Gratitude – Sep 3

September 3: I am thankful for

Being to able to sleep in an extra half hour today morning. I’m not a morning person and every minute of sleep is well loved.

The dissertation support group meeting this morning. I think I’m lucky that I have access to this resource. Graduate school, especially for PhD students, is very stressful and life changing. It has been very helpful to have this group of fellow grad students to discuss issues and concerns. The major lesson from today’s discussion was that I’m not alone in feeling the fear and stress of an impending uncertain career, other people are dealing with the same. And how pretending that everything’s fine and that you’re on track (when you’re uncertain and scared) sometimes takes a greater toll on you than you realize.

Forcing myself to exercise 10-15 mins today evening even after a busy and tiring day. It’s a start!

The relaxing hot water shower at the end of the day. It just makes me feel so much better!

On this note, see you tomorrow!

I have decided to make September my ‘Days of Gratitude‘ month. I will be posting everyday about something that I am thankful for in that day. I want to do this as a reminder to myself to be thankful for what I have, and also to develop a habit of mindfulness and self-reflection.

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3 Responses to Days of Gratitude – Sep 3

  1. Oh sometimes extra sleep is much needed. I’m a morning person no doubt but I’ve been having late nights and occasionally, I crash. Like today. I called in sick and slept till noon. And I never do that!

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