Pretty pretty!



I and both my sisters love getting mehandi or henna patterns painted on our hands. I love how it smells, patiently sitting and getting it done, and the color the next day! When we used to live at home, S2 and I always used to compete about whose mehandi color would be darker and look prettier!! It used to be so much fun applying different things to generate heat and darken the color and not washing our hands for almost 24 hours! While S1 and I live away from home and don’t get to do this often, my sister in India S2 still gets mehandi done regularly! This is S2’s pic from last month, and these patterns were specially beautiful! Even though the pattern details are a bit repetitive, see how different they look from each other!

This was posted as a part of the July 2014 photo a day challenge and the prompt for 29th was repeat. I know it’s not the most apt picture, but I couldn’t think of anything else. The fact that they look pretty, and remind me of happy memories made me choose these pictures!

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4 Responses to Pretty pretty!

  1. Bikramjit says:

    WOWOWWO.. now that is really awesome .. Reminded me of march when i had gone to my sisters wedding .. she to had such a lovely mehendi on ..

  2. Mi says:

    wow…did u make that?? it’s awesome!

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