An interesting ten!

Little Italy, San Francisco; May 2012

Cinecitta, San Francisco; May 2012

Isn’t this cool, how the bills/notes from different countries are displayed on the bar! All these bills are from the patrons who have visited this restaurant. Do you see the ten dollar bill in the center? Do you know which country is this currency from? I have no clue, and I didn’t pay attention to this detail when I was there!   I’m not sure if the bill was faded out, or if the picture quality is not that great since I clicked this picture with my smartphone camera.

San Francisco; May 2012

San Francisco; May 2012

I clicked this picture at an Italian restaurant in San Francisco, where I had my first fancy meal alone, on my first solo trip in 2012! The restaurant was called Cinecitta, and it was a nice and cozy place with some awesome food. I like Italian food, and had one of their vegetarian pastas with a glass of dessert wine. The wine was really good, slightly sweet as I like it, but I don’t remember the name since I was still discovering my taste in wine at the time! The food was delicious, and I was so full that I had to skip eating my favorite Tiramisu! I might try that whenever I’m in San Francisco next!

This was posted as a part of the July 2014 photo a day challenge, the prompt for July 27th was ten.

P.S. I was moving and got really busy and could not finish the July 2014 photo a day challenge. I had thought about several pictures for these prompts, but just did not find the time to post them. I don’t like leaving things incomplete if I can avoid it, so I think I am going to post pictures and finish the July challenge this week.

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One Response to An interesting ten!

  1. Bikramjit says:

    well I had to let go of the july photo thing too , could not complete as had gone away for more than 10 days 🙂
    but i can see a Indian Note in there for sure 🙂

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