I look at the cards you wrote to me
Filled with love and promises
Each one bringing back special memories…
We have no pictures
Of our times together
Yet the moments are etched in our hearts…

Best friends forever
Always there for each other
I know you always meant what you said
And kept every promise…
But I can’t help but ask
Did you really mean all that you wrote?
An angel without wings
And so many other sweet names…
Was I blind that I didn’t see
How you always believed in me,
And valued and cared for me from your heart…

I sit here in tears
Thankful for what we had and still do
Yet wistful for what could have been…
I know its too late, but I still wonder
Were we more than friends
Did I make a huge mistake
And gave up something perfect
That I’ve been looking for since then…

I know its foolish to speculate
I know that what we still have is special
But life can sometimes hit you
in the least expected ways…

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4 Responses to Cards

  1. Bikramjit says:

    hmmmmmmmmmm , OH NO is what i said after i finished reading ..
    I think confusions happen we think are we doing the right thing .. although I do wish that when two people are best friends and one of them realises that maybe he or she is the other half then someone SPEAKS up on time ..
    as sometimes a bit late can be VERY LATE ..
    beautiful poem though

    • kinmin says:

      Thanks Bikram! Yes, I agree that it would be better if people realize in time and say something.. But sometimes, I think that maybe it wasn’t meant to be and things would never have worked out, and that’s why nothing ever happened.. Either of us never said anything even though people around us did say it! Also, I think its easier to get carried away by emotions sometimes and ignore the practicality of the situation because I know nothing can ever happen!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Nice poem, a sad one. Happy Sunday to you.

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