Listening to…

1I used to have a decent collection of music on my computer, and that used to be my primary source of music when I was in college. However, it was sort of disorganized, and it used to bother the perfectionist in me. So, the task of sorting through all the music folders was a perennial item on my to-do list. I did try to do it a few times, but did not make much headway. Even after sorting, it was still mislabeled in the iTunes playlist and I had to rename each song and album, and so I finally gave up. After I moved to US, I discovered pandora and really enjoyed the flexibility to make multiple radio stations according to my mood and the genre I wanted to listen to, and also loved the fact that I could customize these radio stations. At the time, I used to listen to Hindi music on youtube until I discovered FMW11 and later Saavn and Gaana. Gradually, to make space for my data and other things on the computer, I have deleted all the music. If you are lazy like me, you can also use these websites to stream music online, they all have a huge collection of music and different radio stations that you can listen to depending on your mood!

Today, I was listening to this song called Clocks by ColdPlay, I really like the music in this song. Hope you enjoy it too!

This was posted as a part of the July 2014 photo a day challenge, and today’s prompt is listening to…

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One Response to Listening to…

  1. Bikramjit says:

    oooh I liked that song

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