Exhausted and torn!

imageI’m so exhausted that I was actually debating about skipping this prompt for the photo a day challenge. But here I am, I did push myself to do it.

I started my period today, and had a crazy busy day at work and I’m really tired. I’m also exhausted from the constant emotional stressful situations in my life. After I came back from lab, I was torn between packing, or analyzing data, or just watching a movie or reading a book and getting some rest.  I don’t think I mentioned that I’m moving to a new apartment in two weeks, and I have to pack a lot of stuff. Anyone willing to come and help eh?

Eventually, I chose the middle path and decided to watch a movie while eating dinner and analyzing data. The movie was called Today’s Special and it was decent, not the best I’ve watched or highly recommendable, but you could watch if you’re looking for something average and short to watch. I could also relate to it a bit since it was about learning to live life despite the shit life throws at you, and I need to start doing that!

Have I ever mentioned, that, I behave like I’m drunk, when I’m exhausted or sleep-deprived. I tend to talk a lot in all these situations! I think it might be because my mind is already under a lot of cognitive stress. I learnt about the term cognitive stress in a social psychology class I attended a couple of years ago for fun! Basically, when your brain is subjected to too much information and is processing multiple things, those situations may cause stress. And when you are under such cognitive stress, you tend to minimize the resources you allocate to decision making. This is a strategy used in advertisements and political campaigns. This is all I remember about cognitive stress, and I’m not sure if I remember it accurately. I could be totally wrong! Sanch, you might know about this? Does this make sense?

On another note, I have too many ideas for posts in my mind, and need to find the time to write them before they get lost. Sometimes, I wish that there was a way to record my thoughts, like a mind reading device, and transcribe them on the computer. And then I could read and edit them. But as I write this, I realize, that writing actually helps you focus in the moment and practice mindfulness. So, maybe I just need to find the time. I actually enjoyed writing this free-write random post. Alright, I should get some sleep now. See you tomorrow!

This was posted as a part of the July 2014 photo a day challenge. Today’s prompt was torn. I’m sorry about the mundane picture, just didn’t have the energy to think of any creative take on the prompt, even though I tried all day!

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4 Responses to Exhausted and torn!

  1. Mi says:

    i feel like i am drunk too, when I am exhausted. Moreso, zombie like.. walking, existing in a limbo! 😀 the picture tells me so much about your life. Knowing people only through blog is challenging. you have to take all they give you. I liked this post, and the picture you put there! 🙂

    • kinmin says:

      Thanks Mi! I never thought about the perspective of knowing people in a limited way through a blog, but that’s so true! Some bloggers that i read are so detailed in their writing that i feel like i know them so well.. But i don’t do that, I’ll try to write more about my life from here on! 🙂

  2. Titaxy says:

    the pic is nice 🙂 i love the book cover of the book on that table. which one is it, it looks vaguely familiar to me.

    • kinmin says:

      Thanks Titaxy. 🙂 The book is The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh, I’ve been meaning to start reading it since the last couple of months..

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