Old School!

wpid-img_20140704_151033.jpg An old school classic at Rio’s Mexican diner in New Buffalo, Michigan! We had our first meal in New Buffalo at this small family run diner, and this was my first experience visiting small town America! What do you think – is this just an antique on display, or do you think the family uses the car?

On a different note, I want to drive a convertible someday! I don’t care about having my own convertible, maybe just rent it on vacation. And for that, I should learn to drive. Seriously!

This was posted as a part of the July 2014 photo a day challenge. Today’s prompt is old school.

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2 Responses to Old School!

  1. Bikramjit says:

    That is a lovely CAR .. I too got something for old school 🙂 will put up yayyyyyyyy

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