What about self-care?

Our lives are quite filled with stress, and most of us are usually running around to keep ourselves afloat in between managing personal and work life. While we usually do set deadlines and goals for work, household chores, and other such things; seldom do we reflect on what our body and mind need to relax and recharge. So it was an interesting experience when I joined the grad student support group a few months ago, and we were required to set a work and a self-care goal. Last week, we had a discussion about what self care goals are supposed to be and this made me reflect on my self-care goals in the last few months and their impact on my life.

My self-care goals have been very varied, and they have been dependent on the phase that I am in. Earlier this year, I was trying to lose weight, so exercising and eating healthy was one of my self care goals since the endorphins helped me feel better and I felt more energized by eating healthy. In the weeks when I have been swarmed with work, my goal has been to just sleep-in one day over the weekend or enjoy dinner or drinks with friends. When I have been really upset or disturbed with certain things, my self-care goal has been to just somehow get through a week by doing whatever I feel like doing in the moment to feel better. At times when I feel overwhelmed by work and other commitments and start feeling anxious, my self-care goal has been to get organized and make multiple to-do lists to streamline things and feel more in control. At other times, my self-care goal has been to practice mindfulness for a few minutes to calm my mind and reduce stress. So looking back, self-care goals for me have been my chosen way to manage stress in my life and do something that makes me feel better and happy! Sometimes, they have also been a combination of self-care and self-challenge goals to inculcate habits that I’d like to be a part of my life.

One of the biggest advantages of setting these goals has been the realization that my life is not just about my career, work, and other chores. To me, the self-care goal is a reminder that my mind and body also need down-time to recharge and be happy; and that I should prioritize on this and make time for myself.  Most times, I don’t even feel like it’s another deadline to be met or chore to be done, because I’m doing something that makes me feel happy! Like everything else in life, I’m sometimes unable to meet these goals and I have learnt to accept that it’s alright to sometimes just let things be and go with the flow.

So, what do you think about self-care goals? Have you ever set any and do you enjoy meeting them? Or would you like to set some?

Song on my mind – Patakha Guddi from Highway.. Love the energy in this song!!

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5 Responses to What about self-care?

  1. Bikramjit says:

    well so very true we all need to have some ME time always.. we can only care for others if we can care for ourself..
    that is a beautiful song ..

    • kinmin says:

      I agree Bikram.. When I don’t have any me-time, I tend to feel restless and irritable! Check out other songs from that movie, they are good too! 🙂

  2. Tatsat says:

    Well… I go on self-dates and that is some real quality time. I watch movies alone and I absolutely love it. Any company only spoils it 🙂 other than that, I work out. Serious wala 🙂

    • kinmin says:

      Oh yes, self dates are fun! I also like watching movies with a glass of wine, esp on Friday or Saturday nights! 🙂
      What workout – cardio or strength? Or something more serious? 😉

      • Tatsat says:

        Haha… I mean that is one of my coping strategies as far as heartbreak ( 3 year old stuff ) goes. So far, it has served well… 🙂 I do only a bit of cardio- 5 minutes or so on treadmill, with a lot of endurance and strength training. In the best shape of my life 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Arre I meant movie in theatre. Going there alone is something I have come to enjoy. It started as an exercise under compulsion, but I pretty much prefer it now. In fact, I turned down a movie offer from a girl last week, just to watch the same movie in a different theatre, only alone! It is redemption, to say the least.

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