One of my random ‘Whys’!

Do you feel that when you talk to someone new, or to someone you are talking to after a long time, you’re not really yourself? You don’t talk the way you would with people you talk to everyday? Does that only happen if that person could be a potential love interest, or does it always happen?

And why do we do it? I think that most of the times, it’s unintentional.. But we try to be over-emotive and funny when we are talking.. Maybe if I read the same joke somewhere, I would be like ‘yeah right’. But when I’m talking to someone new, especially over texts or chat, there would be many LOL moments.

Why do we behave like this? Is it because we want the other person to like us? Because we want to appear to be fun and cool!

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2 Responses to One of my random ‘Whys’!

  1. B. M. says:

    yep.. you are right there. I think we also feel that we dont know how the other person will react , os maybe we try to be a bit careful tooo

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