I’m excited for La Jolla!!

I’m super excited right now!!

So after the crappy weekend, I decided to take today (Wednesday) off! I’m working again next weekend, and didn’t have much to do today, so I decided to stay home! So I relaxed last night by watching a movie (Hasee to Phasee) and then did some research for my upcoming trip! During the day, I was pretty much finishing chores at home, but I got to sleep in until 11 which makes me so happy! I also finished a lot of small tasks that I had been procrastinating on, which makes me feel so much better! But what really changed my mood was the excitement about my trip to San Diego in the first week of April!

So I’m going to my first scientific conference in April, and it’s in San Diego, California! And I’m finally excited about it.. After procrastinating and paying more for hotels and flights, I found a cheaper hotel yesterday and it has relieved my stress majorly! So I will be staying in the San Diego downtown for the conference and I can’t wait to explore the awesome city! The conference is going to be really big and I’m a little overwhelmed, but I have some idea about the sessions now, and will be asking my adviser for specific recommendations!

I’m reaching a day extra to explore the city a little more, and I decided to stay in La Jolla for that extra day and relax for a day! La Jolla is a small seaside community on the Pacific Ocean that has a mixture of rocky and sandy beaches, and is supposed to be really beautiful! In fact, La Jolla in Spanish means ‘Jewel’, and I can’t wait to experience the beauty! I made the reservations today and will be staying at a walking distance from the coast and from the La Jolla cove. The La Jolla cove is basically a natural cliff formation that basically encloses some part of the ocean and is a good spot to snorkel and kayak in good weather.. I’ve been wanting to snorkel for sometime and am hoping that the weather is cooperative on the day that I’m there! Other than that, I just plan to relax at the beach, watch surfers, walk around and catch the beautiful sunset! 🙂

I will hopefully write a detailed post about this in the end of April with some beautiful pictures!

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9 Responses to I’m excited for La Jolla!!

  1. eway2 says:

    La Jolla is quite possibly the most beautiful place I have ever seen. If I had millions to spend on a home I’d live there… if only!

    • kinmin says:

      Hi Eway, welcome to my blog! 🙂
      I can’t wait to experience and soak in all the beauty! 🙂 Do you have any specific recommendations for the beaches? I plan to stay at the Best Western Inn close to the cove..

      • eway2 says:

        Seal Rock is gorgeous and right in the heart of downtown really close to the cove, which is also breathtaking! For sandy beaches I’d recommend La Jolla Shores which is basically just more accessible and more sand. For the best view though go to Seal Rock and Torrey Pines.

  2. Tatsat says:

    Sounds like a nice place. Never been there, but would be good to have some ground-level-data from you
    That apart, if there is anything tolerable in conference- then it has to be the food! Nothing else mattered for me But you sound nerdy, and focussed ( on more serious things ). So good that they are taking you there

    • kinmin says:

      I will surely write a post about it at the end of April!
      From what I’ve heard, there’s not much food at the conference! I’m not sure how interested I’ll be in the science, but it’s definitely exciting to hear about some research.. hopefully I’ll enjoy it! 🙂
      PS It’s been too long since I’ve been called a nerd, maybe because I’m surrounded by nerdier people all the time! 😉

  3. Mi says:

    more power to you girl… go have fun!! And tell us all about it when you are back!

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