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Was she too late…?

She smiled as she sipped her coffee and looked at the book cover. When she was a 10 year old girl, she had wondered if she was too late in approaching the new girl in the school who ate lunch … Continue reading

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My Best Friend ‘N’!

So I have never written a blog post about any specific person in my life, and I’d like to do that today.. This post is going to be about my best friend N. We talked today after a few weeks, … Continue reading

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Avoiding conflict vs. freedom to choose?

So I have been reading IHM’s blog for almost 4 years now and have understood and learnt a great deal from it. Apart from her insightful write-ups on gender bias in contemporary India, it’s heartening to see that there are … Continue reading

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Respect in society!

“Mum, K maasi (mum’s cousin sister) called me today. She was asking about kids and I told her I and R don’t want to have kids. It’s a life-long commitment, and we are happy like this! She also asked about … Continue reading

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How do I tell her about you?

She was his best friend since five years, and lover since the last two. The wedding was next month and he didn’t have time. He flinched at the thought of how she would react. She should be the first one … Continue reading

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On turning 30!

No I’m not turning 30! I just turned 27 in December! Though I’m sure I would be close to having a similar crisis when I’m about to turn 30! I watched this movie called ‘Turning 30’ – it’s a Hindi … Continue reading

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