Have I told you…


Have I told you…

I love sweeter wines, and white zinfandel from Beringer is one my favorite wines. I drank almost an entire bottle on Saturday at the potluck.

I made bhel puri for the potluck, and V got delicious chana masala and then we had crackers n cheese and wine and chocolate cupcakes.

I enjoy meeting people in smaller groups where I get a chance to talk and build relationships. Very few people came to the potluck on Saturday and I had a great time! We talked a lot and I was happy and content when I came back!

If I can convince myself to get up and finish small tasks, it helps me feel better, and that’s what happened on Saturday. After writing the post where I was feeling crappy, I actually got up, made bhel puri for the potluck, got dressed up and went out. And I had a good time and the rest of the weekend was much better.

I feel that the blogging marathon is actually helping me stay more committed to my other goals as well. Thank you Maya!

I’m an evening person. No matter how many hours I sleep at night, I’m sluggish in the mornings. However, as soon as the clock strikes 7 pm, I just want to do so many things and I have endless energy.

I love dressing up. And I love wearing sexy clothes. And no, it’s not to attract guys and I really don’t care about how anyone is looking or what they feel about what I’m wearing. I wear the clothes I do because it makes me happy!

I’m going to a cousin’s wedding in April and I would love to be in shape by then and look hot in the saris I plan to wear!

Salsa and belly dance may not be as hard as I think. I did a couple of steps in the zumba video I was doing today and it seemed doable! Isn’t life all about trying new things and overcoming your fears and fulfilling your desires and wishes, one step at a time?!

Exercising is helping me feel better about life in general and maybe even more energetic! I do wish to see instantaneous results, but I always remind myself ‘It took more than a day to put it on, it will take more than a day to take it off.’

On that note, I’ll see you tomorrow! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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