We talk like there is nothing
yet there is a current somewhere
who knows whats gonna become of this
who knows where it will go…

I try to tie you down
like a bird whose beauty I love
but a bird is meant to fly
and will never find peace in my arms…

I try to be of ‘your’ kind
in an endeavor to be with you
but how can one find happiness
in another being’s skin…

Wish you could see beyond the words
beyond the fake smile on my face
tears are trying to come out
every minute every day…

I wrote this poem 3 years ago. Just found it and I guess I’ve come a long way… But I wonder if I’ll still feel or react the same way I did years ago. On one hand, looking at my behavior over the past years, my heart says that I will. Because I am a hopeless romantic.. Because I want to believe in love.. Because I still don’t know if I’m over him.. And most importantly, because it’s a fantasy that I’m not sure I’m willing to give up. On the other hand, maybe my heart has accepted that it’s nothing but a fantasy.. I guess I’ll not know until I am in that situation again. And maybe, it will be better if I never am in that situation again. Let’s see where life takes me…

Song on my mind – Someone like you by Adele

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