Intelligence and Success

Conversations at different times with different people have led me to think about this time and again..  How do we, as a society, define and measure intelligence and success?

An individual who has a highly coveted and difficult to attain education or career is considered intelligent.. And I realize that it’s true to a great extent as well.. But what about people who have the intelligence but never get the opportunity or resources for education and higher qualifications.. Or people who have the skills but not the interest to actually pursue such a career?

And then talking about success, people who earn a lot of money and acquire materialistic things or fame are considered successful. Do you ever wonder why we don’t consider a human rights worker, who actually affects human lives and makes them better, successful? Or a teacher who is loved and remembered by students years later successful? Rather than the current standards, do you think anyone who does their job well should be considered successful? Or maybe, anyone who is happy with where they are in life at that time should be considered successful?

So what is your definition of intelligence and/or success?
Do you think intelligence and success go hand in hand?

This is Post 18 in Blogathon – Jan 2014.
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