Laws or Loss of Attraction! ;)

So when I was in Miami, I M and S were having a discussion about guys, relationships, marriage etc. S said that intelligence is a big turn-on for her, that that’s what attracted her to her current husband. M also said that intelligence is a big attracting factor for her.

Thinking about it, intelligence is an attraction for me. But what attracts me more is creativity and free spirit. I get attracted to people who are willing to step out of the box and cross existing boundaries. And weirdly, I don’t mean people who do that in the current entrepreneurial/technology innovation sector. For e.g., I don’t find Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg fascinating. But I get attracted to people who are breaking social barriers, who are somehow changing society and making the world better. The other category of people I get attracted to are people who are creative and talented like writers, musicians, photographers, and artists. I think what attracts me in these people is the passion, the zeal to do something different with their life! I think it takes a lot of courage and perseverance to actually break the mold and chart your own path! I don’t know if this attraction is partly because I wish that I’m able to do that with my own life – to break away, find my passion, and live life on my terms!

On a related note, I had a discussion about attraction and compatibility with S1 and BIL1. We have all heard that opposites attract. But is that a workable relationship? Can people who are opposite to each other actually be compatible in the long term?
I think that for a relationship to last, it’s very important for the couple to share similar values and goals in life, and to have similar interests. I guess some differences are important to keep the relationship interesting but I think it’s equally important to have some common ground for the relationship to grow and more importantly, for the couple to grow together rather than apart.

So what do you think? Can opposites be compatible?
And yes, what qualities attract you to other people?

P.S. On a lighter note, smell is a big turn-on for me. I was once joking to AB that I could actually follow a nice smelling guy anywhere!! 😉

Alright, see you tomorrow then! 🙂

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One Response to Laws or Loss of Attraction! ;)

  1. TTS says:

    Absolutely, opposites sometimes complete each other!

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