Procrastination – Yes I’m guilty!

I have one presentation tomorrow afternoon in the grad program Journal club where I’m supposed to present a recent publication with background and conclusions and critique it. And I have one lab journal club discussion tomorrow morning for which I’m supposed to have read the paper to discuss and critique it. I had both these papers since one week and I did not start reading the papers until 8 pm tonight! That should tell you how much I procrastinate!!

Why do I do it – I don’t know! I think I just feel that I can get it done on the last day.. And I didn’t feel like doing it.. Even though I was stressed and anxious today and will be tomorrow, I didn’t work on it.. I chose to work on other stuff in the lab!

Am I always like this – I don’t think so! Sometimes, I do prepare for stuff in advance, especially for the important presentations.. But to a great extent, I’m a last minute person.. I’m usually trying to finish work on the last day before a deadline.. I even wait to pack till the last night before my trips and I’m up until 1 am even if the flight is at 6 am! But when it comes to any important exam or presentation, I need my sleep since I feel non-functional without it! I have an interesting story about it, but I will write about it another time! There’s a time to get work done, you see.. and now is the time to work on my papers for tomorrow!

I just finished reading the paper I’m supposed to present, and it’s a lot more complex and detailed than I anticipated.. So off I go to work now! Hope the presentation goes well, wish me luck ok! 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Procrastination – Yes I’m guilty!

  1. Bingo says:

    Hope you have done well 🙂

  2. kinmin says:

    Thanks a lot Bingo! Yes, the presentation went well! 🙂

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