Fun dinner with new people!

Yay today is the 10th day of the blog marathon and I’m still doing it!! 🙂

So to meet new people and find friends, I had joined this meetup group of ladies in their 20s and 30s and I went to the first meetup tonight and it was quite some fun! I prefer meeting people in smaller groups because I feel more comfortable talking to people one on one and it also gives a better chance to get to know other people and develop a personal relationship. So I picked today’s meetup as it was a small group and it was a nice experience!

We went to a really nice Asian restaurant for dinner and I tried Udon for the first time – it’s a Japanese noodle soup and mine had shitake mushrooms, egg, tofu, and turnip greens (Wikepedia link). Being a vegetarian, I have restricted eating options, but this was a really flavorful and filling meal!


The best part of the meal, of course, was the dessert – chocolate maki – which was basically dark chocolate mousse wrapped in chocolate pistachio crepe, with pistachio creme (instead of wasabi) and molten dark chocolate on the side.. I’m a chocolate lover and this was heavenly! (Sorry I clicked the picture after we had started eating.)


Three of us went to a bar after dinner and hung out for a little bit and it was a nice fun evening! 🙂 We were talking about different cultures, travel and other interesting stuff! I think I’d like to attend more of these meetups!

Alright will go to bed now, see you tomorrow! 🙂 Happy Friday and have a good weekend! 🙂

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