Is happiness overrated?

It was a weird crazy day.. In fact, the last few days have been like that.. It’s hard to deal with so many emotions – anger, frustration, hopelessness.. What if I can’t be happy! Why do I need to be happy anyway! Who do we put so much emphasis on happiness?!!!

Happy Holidays.. Happy Birthday.. Happy New Year.. Happy something else.. There’s just so much pressure to be happy.. I think it has the opposite effect.. it makes me feel much worse.. that I don’t have anything to be happy about.. that I’m unhappy while everyone else is happy.. that life is so screwed..

And then the whole facebook effect.. people will post one pic or update that will be the highlight of their day.. or will show off their cool life even if it’s not so cool.. And then people like me start feeling why is my life so crappy.. I should do something fun or crazy too, whether I enjoy it or not is another story!

When I began writing this, I thought I won’t write a post today.. will just post a music video.. but it all came out..

Earlier, I didn’t post to the blog too often.. I posted when my emotions overwhelmed me.. when I just needed to bare my heart.. and not to any person I know.. And then I made these resolutions – to participate in the blogathon challenge and also be happy.. And I was trying to post happy stuff.. But I’m not sure if that’s who I am..

What if I’m pretending to be happy.. to write stuff that other people would like to read.. But I don’t want to be like that.. I don’t like to pretend and be superficial.. I am an emotional person and I like to share my heart out.. So that’s what I’m going to do! Happy or not – we’ll see! I’ll still post everyday but I won’t censor how I’m actually feeling.. that’s the whole point of anonymous blogging anyway!

If you have made it to the end of this post, do you think happiness is overrated?

A song that helped me get through the day – Nadaan Parindey Ghar Aaja by Mohit Chauhan (Movie – Rockstar)

P.S. I don’t mean to say that any other bloggers are pretentious or superficial, I’m just dealing with how I feel about my posts and writing!

This is Post 7 in Blogathon – Jan 2014.
You can read my other posts here.

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