What if…

My heart is restless
Thinking about the past…

The sweet little things that you did for me
And cared for me, deeply from your heart…

You lovingly called me nutty
And didn’t leave my hand coz it felt so secure…

You loved playing with my anklet
And tickling me in the tummy
And adored all my quirky habits
Even though they drove you crazy…

When I was sick and all alone
You text me lyrics to our favorite songs
And took me out so I would feel better…

I wonder what if
You didn’t move to another city
Or if I loved you as much as you did back then…

What if we met that summer at the beach
Would we have fallen in love again?
Would things have worked out in the end?

I know it’s too late
But why can’t I let go

And then my heart wonders
What if I’m writing another poem
Years later
Thinking of the what ifs
About the present that I’m letting go…

Song on my mind – I don’t wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith

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