The worst career ever!

Scientific research is the most unrewarding, unfair and frustrating career ever. Research experiments don’t work 90% of the times – and that is if you are lucky. If you’re unlucky like me, they won’t work 99% of the times.. and stupid journals don’t accept negative data.. so basically you have years of work that can’t be published.. then how the hell do you graduate with the f**king Ph.D. degree?? And the fact that there’s not much you can do with that degree is another story!

And when your thesis project is a screening project which is basically a fishing expedition.. and your boss just doesn’t understand how risky it is.. Yes it is good for you and your career, but you’re ruining mine.. I’m not a tech or a post doc that I will keep screening libraries endlessly…

How I wish I knew this stuff before I started with my Ph.D.  I am so tired of this shit.. How long do you work tirelessly without any reward? And how will I ever graduate if things don’t work! I’m kinda tired of ranting about the same stuff to friends and family.. How do I explain that somehow, miraculously, things never work for me..

What do I do? I’m ready to run away.. need to break free.. but where do I go with all these stupid visa issues.. And its weird that in spite of being an engineer and 4 years into a Ph.D. program, I can’t think of career options to find myself any other job.. What did I get myself into…

Dear God, what’s your plan?? Seriously!!

Listening to this song, I just realized maybe I am not strong enough to deal with all this.. But the irony is that I am not strong enough to quit either.. Its weird how I’ve been so hard working all my life, always been good at academics and now I question myself at every step..

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