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I don’t want much. I would someday like to live in a country where I can walk outside without getting raped. In a country where I won’t ‘deserve’ rape because I am a woman, or because I can speak English or because I am educated. I want to walk free in a country where I don’t ‘ask to be raped’ because I don’t wear a sari each time I step out of the house or because I dare to dream of a career and might come home after 6 pm one day.

I grew up in Chennai – the city infamous of ‘eve teasing’ and remember the many times I felt that deep sense of burning shame. I am not scared to come out and say that I was ashamed – ashamed of my body because lecherous men on the bus, on the roads, in crowded areas thought it…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging this.

  2. sad situation in our nation

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