10 days to go!!!

Hello all,

Hope you guys have been doing good.. I have been extremely busy with work, AID stuff, and running!!

RM’s post today (http://readingthroughrsmind.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/passed/) served as a wake up call for me – its just 10 days to my marathon, but I would like to share my fundraising effort with you.

So basically I am running as a part of a relay team in the Pittsburgh Marathon 2012 (May 06 2012) to raise funds for a non-profit organization called Association for India’s Development (AID). This is the first time I am running 4.7 miles, and I am super-excited right now!!

AID works with grassroots level organizations to improve life for the most under-privileged communities in India, and supports projects in various inter-connected spheres such as education, livelihood, sustainable development, healthcare, agriculture, and women empowerment.

This is to request you to help me in this fundraising effort by making a donation towards my marathon relay, and help make life a little easier for millions of people who survive on less than 1$ a day. All donations will directly benefit grassroots level projects in India.

Association for India’s Development Inc (AID Inc) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation and the federal tax-ID is 04-3652609. In USA, the full amount of your contribution is tax deductible. In India, donations are 50% deductible under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Please remember no donation is too small! Even Rs. 500-1000 can go a long way in helping someone in need.

Thanks a lot you for your support,

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