Singing Saturday – 14

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂 May this day and the coming year be filled with lots of love, happiness, and good health!

Every day, there are random songs playing in my mind.. Sometimes, I sing while I work, but mostly they are just playing in the background! Today, it was this song – Jaane kya chaahe mann bawra from Pyar Ke Side Effects. I watched this movie several years ago and it was a fun movie to watch. I really like this song and hope that you enjoy listening to it!

My emotions are on a roller-coaster these days.. And I don’t know if it’s just PMS or if there is more going on beneath the surface. I woke up feeling nice and happy this morning, then was in a bad mood in the afternoon, and then was super-happy in the evening! I have a question – do you sometimes feel that your happiness depends on another person? If you get to talk to/spend some happy moments with him/her – you feel good all day. But if you have a fight, or are disappointed by something  – you are just annoyed the whole day. This happens a lot with me – I know any one person should not affect my state of mind, but I don’t know what to do about it! Do you have any suggestions?


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2 Responses to Singing Saturday – 14

  1. Bikram says:

    Very true sometimes it does go like that all around one person I guess its all natural and probably happens to everyone… Or maybe I am wrong 🙂
    I dont know…

    Mind is funny … A good song that one I have not seen ths movie…

    You take care I am like that a bit on emotional side ao I cant five any advice…

  2. I love this song too!!!Music is really a strong mood inducer…listen to merry songs whenever you feel low 🙂

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