Let it snow! (Singing Saturday – 13)

It’s a beautiful day today – it has been snowing all day… I don’t like winter or the cold weather at all but the first day of snow is always special… And snow and the holiday season always reminds me of this beautiful song! 🙂

Today was the first time I went to the mall this holiday season and loved it.. Happiness is indeed contagious – it feels so good to see everyone all excited and buying presents for their loved ones.. It reminds me of the festival time back in India.. I just bought a few things but was just roaming around the mall, looking at different holiday traditional gifts on display! 🙂 I should have clicked some pics but i didn’t – maybe next time! I also might go and look at the Christmas decorations in downtown Pittsburgh sometime this week since they are supposed to be really nice.. I’ll make sure to click some pictures and share them with you all!

And yeah, the big news is – I am going home for almost 4 weeks in January! I just booked my tickets yesterday and have been so happy! 🙂 My best friend N is getting married on January 30 and I will be able to attend his wedding! 🙂

Hope all of you are enjoying the weekend, and looking forward to spend quality time with your loved ones during the holiday season! 🙂

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2 Responses to Let it snow! (Singing Saturday – 13)

  1. Bikram says:

    and its snowing outside as i am commenting 🙂 yayyyyyyyyyyy

    All the best with the holiday and nothing can beat going home and a wedding to attend WOWOWOWOW 🙂 I too have a wedding coming up on 30th Jan lets see if i get a invite ha ha ha 🙂 oops let them not read this , i will be dead meat 🙂

    you take care and enjoy the festival season

  2. Tanya says:

    Wow, I miss Indian weddings, lots of free food!

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