Singing Saturday – 11

Some memories never seem to go away… and some songs rip your heart apart..

‘Ek so solaan chand ki raatein, ek tumhare kaandhe ka til

geeli mehandi ki khushboo, jhooth mooth ke shikve kuch,

jhooth mooth ke vade bhi sab yaad kara do

sab bhijwa do, mera vo samaan lauta do…’

Maybe it’s best to stay super-busy so that you don’t have the time to think about anything!

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2 Responses to Singing Saturday – 11

  1. Comfy says:

    Sometimes staying super-busy is the only way forward. And then other times taking it easy brings joy.

    Hugs to you for whatever it is that is hurting you.

  2. BIkram says:

    YES stay busy , super busy os nothing comes to mind .. and life passes by.. wish i can do that and then one fine day it all ends up

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