What’s the most important thing in a relationship?

So I went to a pre-wedding party today and the couple seemed so much in love and so happy with each other.. It got me thinking (not that I have not been thinking about this) But anyway..
What is the most important thing in a relationship… Or rather how do two people decide that they want to spend the rest of their lives together… I have asked some people who have been married, and they say that you just know when you meet the right one! Some others say that its destiny…
A lot of people in India leave it on their parents to find the right one for them. The factors that come into play here are more about family compatibility, the person belonging to the same religious community, the same financial strata, etc. Both the families meet one day, the guy and the girl are given about an hour to talk to each other, and they have to decide the same day if they want to get married. How can they make this most important decision in their life within an hour of knowing each other is beyond me!
I don’t really believe in the arranged marriage custom, I think it is more important for the two concerned people to know each other really well and then decide if they want to get married.. but then comes the question – how do they decide? I have heard of people breaking up after being in a relationship for 5 years and even 8 years. So how does it work? How can you be with someone for so long and not figure out things? And how do you finally decide that he/she is not the one? When you’ve been together for so long, you tend to understand the other person so well, and you get comfortable with him/her. How do you then decide that he’s not the right one? What if you don’t find the perfect person you are looking for?
I think different qualities matter for different people.. I think what could be a minor quality for one person could be the most important characteristic for another person? So what do you think? What is the most important quality you are looking for in your life partner?

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