Interesting things in the lab!

So I noticed two interesting things while I was working in the lab last week, and I have been wanting to write this post since then! Let me describe them to you first!

So we have liquid nitrogen in our labs which is stored in cylinders and its temperature is -196C. And if you take out some in any container, it vaporizes on contact with air and looks very mystic! The other day, my lab mates were freezing cells and they were putting small tubes into a small bucket containing liquid nitrogen. I was observing this and found that nitrogen vapors were floating out of the bucket. It reminded me of the cauldrons in Harry potter. It looked just like they were cooking some potion!! 😉

I was doing a boring chore on Friday when I noticed this – I was making some media for cells and I had placed a 4L beaker on the magnetic stirrer and was adding some powdered components to it. The magnetic stirrer basically generates a vortex that helps in mixing the contents faster. Since I had nothing better to do, I was looking at the powder mixing into the solution. It reminded me of a tornado – the vortex at the surface of the solution looked like a cloud and I could see it shaping into a funnel into solution! I found it quite fascinating – will try and click pictures next time!!

Well, this is my nerdy post for now!

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