My dil goes mmmm…!

I was humming a song the entire day today… My dil goes mmm from the movie Salaam Namaste! Its not a particularly great song, but always brings a smile to my face.. Besides the fact that its a very cute song, I have some special memories associated with it.. Whenever I sing this song, I go back to that time…

It was probably our first semester sessional exam (mid-term) for Business Systems. Me and Priyanka were walking from our hostel to UIET. It was a five minute walk when we took the short-cut through Kasturba and Sarojini hostels. Tired of cramming stuff for the exam, we gave it a break and started singing this song on the way. We went into the lecture hall and sat on our respective seats. Priyanka sat behind me, and we were still singing this song and giggling! After a stare from the invigilator, we shut up but couldn’t stop smiling at each other. When we got the results back, we performed exceptionally well in the exam, and so this song became our lucky charm! 🙂 Whenever we would go together to take an exam, we would sing this song, and it would always work! 🙂

This made me think about the importance of songs and the memories they evoke.. This happened about 5 years ago, and I don’t remember everything clearly now. Memories keep fading away, while we try to capture and relive them! But some things just stay in your mind, like I will always remember this sunny winter day we sang this song and smile!

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6 Responses to My dil goes mmmm…!

  1. Prerna-Priyanka, the duo, performed well in all the exams 🙂
    We never had interactions during our college days and everybody used to mention you people together. It took me a great deal of time to remember who is Prerna and who is Priyanka out of you two :p

    Met priyanka few days back and I am sure she'll be remembering old days after reading this too 🙂

    Great Post

  2. priyanka says:

    Hey prerssss…i love this!! this takes me back in time n i miss those days. And this song…:)…i don know if you remember the other reason behind me liking this song ;)!! anyway…i know those were wonderful days and i shall cherish them forever! Thanks for making it special :)! Will call soon! Love!

  3. Nilanjana says:

    jeeeez. such a cute post. even m humming it now. 🙂

  4. Kinmin says:

    @ Sunny – Lol, a lot of people had the problem! 🙂 We were actually always together in the first 2 years!! Anyway, thanks for the appreciation! 🙂

    @ Pri – Love u too honey! Yeah these memories are quite special for both of us! I don't remember the other reason, will ask you on the phone! Talk to u soon!

    @ Ninja – Thanks Ninja! 🙂 Hows your work??

  5. Japinder says:

    Super Like! Both the post and the cute pic! And yeah from my tongue too, the names Prerna and Priyanka would always roll out together. Cheers to your friendship! 🙂

    P.S.: Prerna, this family room feel to your blog added to the warmth of your post in my perception.

  6. Kinmin says:

    Thanks Japi!! 🙂 I love this look too, it conveys a unique sense of familiarity i feel! 🙂

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