I think of writing at least one blog post everyday.. But end up not writing anything for months.. Is that normal? I am kinda pissed with myself over this!

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6 Responses to Lost!

  1. Dk says:

    Just saw an update in my blogroll from your blog! A really nice theme..!

  2. Navjeet says:

    honey, u write once a week or even once a month that would suffice…write whenever the mood strikes u…..but yeah do write once in a while…

    p.s.-like the background..:)

  3. Good to see an update from your blog. 🙂
    Navjeet is right, just write whenever the mood strikes you.

    And the theme really looks good.

  4. Kinmin says:

    @ Nishant – Thanks! 🙂 I loved this theme the moment I saw it..

    @ Nav, Sunny – Thanks for the encouragement guys! 🙂 From now on, I will write whenever I get an idea.. coz later, I get either busy or lazy and end up not writing! 😛

  5. DD says:

    love the theme! 🙂

    and do write in when the mood strikes, but please write at least once a month! 😛 🙂

  6. Kinmin says:

    @ Mayank – thank u hai!! 🙂 the problem i was facing was, an idea would strike me but i would either be busy or lazy and not write anything. I am trying to rectify that now! 🙂

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