Walk the talk!

I am again writing after a long time, but I will be slightly regular from now on.. Hopefully!
This post is inspired by another movie I just saw today.. Lakshya.. Yes I had not seen the movie so far! The movie again brought an overwhelming pride on being an Indian and the fire to do something for my country. And this time, I will try not just to talk but to walk the talk! (The expression walk the talk stolen from Pooja Bhatt’s interview that I happened to watch!)
So now the basic goal here is that I want to do something for my country. Currently, I am sitting in Stony Brook, NY, USA and I can’t do much sitting here. So I have devised a plan. And I WILL stick to this plan. I have always wanted to teach and I have decided that I will go back to India after my PhD and teach there. And besides teaching in a regular undergrad college, I will teach children from the economically backward sections. Maybe volunteer for the Teach India campaign, if it is still running at that time. But I am not just going to sit here and think that I wish I could do something. I am going to make my dreams a reality.
Another thing that I have always wanted to try out is Journalism. So I am going to try doing some free lance scientific journalism. Not right now, because I genuinely do not have enough time right now. But later, maybe start in the second/ third year of my PhD. And meanwhile, I will also take some courses or do some online stuff with respect to teaching. So that when I graduate, I am equipped to teach.
Another thing is that I have been working hard for my TA so far, and I have been enjoying the learning as well as the teaching. So these two semesters will help me get an idea about teaching. And I will try and find more teaching opportunities later.
So my goal for right now is to sincerely work hard for my PhD, for the courses that I am taking and TA-ing, for the lab rotations that I have currently, and the lab that I will join eventually, and not let the fire within me die.
And I am going to stick to my goal!

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