Well I am writing after a long time.. Was busy with finals and then winding up the first lab rotation and starting with the second one! My first lab rotation went fine, probably not as good as I would have wanted it to.. But still it was good!

Anyway, I’m in Pittsburgh right now, and went to see the movie ‘Three Idiots’. I loved the movie, and as always, have been contemplating about it. I saw Wake up Sid a few days back, and it was based on a similar theme. You need to know what you are passionate about to be happy and successful in life.

I was wondering – If given a chance, what would I like to change in my life! Surprisingly, I had no answer! I wouldn’t say I am really happy with what I am doing but I don’t even know that what could I have done otherwise!

I could relate to the story of three idiots quite a lot.. We all have been doing things so far just because we are expected to! My parents think I am intelligent, and my grades strengthen their belief. I did engineering because they wanted me to. And then, I liked biotechnology! Today, I am doing a PhD in genetics because that was the only thing I could think of doing. But do I really like it? I still have no clue.
Before coming here, I was kind of sure that I wanted to do this. But now the monotony seems irritating sometimes. And then I wonder, how many people are really happy with the work they do? Probably not even 1%. Then I feel that I should have some hobbies, something on the side that keeps me busy and content. So that the monotony of work does not get to me. I am not sure about what career I am finally going to choose in life. It could be research, or just teaching, or industry. And all of them can get quite monotonous. So I think I really need to look for something that keeps me happy and content. And maybe, someday, I choose to pursue that for my career!

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One Response to Realisation!

  1. Nitesh says:

    Surprisingly the hardest thing in the world is to know what you really want…Coz once u get what u want u realize it wasnt what u expected it to be

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